Philadelphia Sightseeing

Sights to See:
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Ben Franklin Bridge
Welcome Park
1st Bank
Art Museum
Betsy Ross House
Elfreth's Alley

Waterfront Images:
(Page 2)
NJ Aquarium
Figures of Court Officials
Columbus Monument
Vietnam Veterans Mem
USS Olympia
Penn Treaty Pk

Independence Area:
(Page 3)
Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Visitor Center
• Old Philadelphia Exchange
Colonial Townhouses

City Hall Area:
(Page 4)
City Hall
City Hall Tower
West Entrance
Penn's Reflection
Philly Skyscrapers

South Philly Area:
(Page 5)
South Street
Mummers Museum
Shot Tower
First Union Center
First Union Spectrum
Veterans Stadium

Philadelphia Theaters:
(Page 6)
Kimmel Center
Arden Theater
Walnut Theater
Prince Theater
Wilma Theater
Merriam Theater
Forrest Theater
Academy of Music

Veteran and War Memorials:
Doughboys of WWI
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
USS Olympia
African American War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Civil War Memorial
World War I Aero Memorial
Pennsylvania Aviator Memorial
Veterans Stadium
Battleship New Jersey BB-62
WW II Submarine BECUNA

Places to see around Philadelphia

A work in progress!
Philadelphia is a Great City to See History

Ben Franklin Bridge

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Welcome Park
Learn about William Penn

Site of the Slate Roof House where in 1701 William Penn granted the famous Charter of Privileges.

Location: between Front and 2nd and between Walnut and Chestnut Streets
There is parking all around this location.

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1st Bank of the United States
Home of the US government’s 1st bank from 1797 to 1811 and the oldest bank building in the United States.

Location: 3rd between Walnut and Chestnut Streets

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Art Museum
Run the stairs,
like Rocky!

Learn what's on display:
Philadelphia Museum of Art

and check our calendar for events of the day!

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Betsy Ross House
Arch Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets

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Elfreth's Alley
Location: On 2nd Street just north of Arch Street

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