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  • One thing that comes to mind when you say to some one I'm going to Philly. The person always asks so where are you going to get your cheese steaks?

    Everyone in Philadelphia has their favorite. Here are a couple of ours:

    The Battle Ground
    Where 9th Street Crosses Wharton & Passyunk
    We recommend going multiple times and trying both.
    As they say YOU make the call!
    Pat's At Night Pat's Sign

    Pat's King of Steaks

    1237 E. Passyunk Ave.
    Open 24 hours.

    Geno's Steaks

    1219 South 9th Street
    Open 24 hours.
    Geno's At Night
    We love them all.
    Just remember Do Not take your time ordering.
    Speed is Law. Read the menus before you get to the window.
    And most of all "Wit" means with fried onions and "Wit-out" means without.
    If you really want to witness a Philly Experience watch what happens around 2am on a Friday or Saturday night.
    The place comes alive!

    The easiest way to get to the two above is from Washington Ave and Turn South on 10th Street (just past the Italian Market). You will see them on your right on the other side of the sports field
    Jim's At Night South Street

    Jim's Steaks

    4th and South Street
    Times vary and they Have a few locations (Springfield, Northeast Philadelphia, West Philadelphia) .

    Stop by while on South Street

    Tony Luke's

    39 East Oregon Avenue (South Philly)
    Philadelphia, PA
    (215) 551-5725
    Hours: Mon - Thur 6AM to Midnite; Fri & Sat 6AM to 2AM
    Tony Luke's Oregon Ave
    We love chesse steaks but if you want something different.
    Try a Roast Pork Italian Special with Spinach and Sharp Provolone at Tony Luke's
    An easy way to find Tony Luke's is off of Delaware Ave heading towards the stadiums and turn at the Oregon Ave intersection. It is just on the West side of the 95 overpass.

    Oh my God! Thank you for Philly Foods. The rest of the world doesn't know what they are missing.

    Gift Packages

    Philly Food
    800-954-8294 or 610-565-4386
    107 S. Monroe St., Media, PA 19063
    Cheese Steaks, Hoagies, Soft Pretzels and other Philadelphia specialties shipped fresh from our kitchen via FedEx overnight air.
    Price Ranges: $59.90 & up (including shipping)

    Don't forget to check our Restaurant section!
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