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Commercial TV Stations
KYW Channel 3 (CBS)

WPVI Channel 6 (ABC)

WCAU Channel 10 (NBC)

WPHL Channel 17 (WB)

WXTV Channel 28 (UNI)
Spanish, Univision Television - Philadelphia, PA

WTXF Channel 29 (Fox)

WGTW Channel 48
Philadelphia, PA

WTVE Channel 51 (IND)
A variety of cross-cultural programming - Philadelphia, PA

WPSG Channel 57 (UPN)

WPAX Channel 61 (PAX)
Family programming - Philadelphia, PA

Channel 65 (Home Shopping Network)
to be - Spanish 1/2002

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PBS Stations

WHYY Channel 12 (PBS)
PBS - Philadelphia, PA

WNJS Channel 23 (PBS)
PBS - Trenton, NJ

WYBE Channel 35 (PBS)
PBS - Philadelphia, PA

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Other Area Stations

WLTV Channel 39 (PBS)
PBS - Allentown, PA

WFMZ Channel 69
Commercial - Allentown, PA
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